Instinctive Meditation™ Coach for Business Owners & Leaders

Find more ease, playfulness, energy, and creativity in your life and work through Instinctive Meditation™

Meditation is an ART – let’s discover your unique style together!

Instinctive Meditation

|ɪnˈstɪŋktɪv ˌmedɪˈteɪʃn| • noun

A natural ability and state of the human body.
A space where everything is welcome: thoughts, emotions, desires, sensations, and rhythms.
A practice that is available to everyone.
A practice that is based on your natural meditative experiences in life, which get to be uncovered.
A practice that is individual, free, instinctive, and (dare I say) FUN!

😎 Make Meditation Fun Again 😎

Starting your Instinctive Meditation™ journey begins with choosing your path.

Do you work better in a group support setting or want exclusive individualized support?

I got you covered…

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NEXT ROUND: September 2022 

Instinctive Meditation™ – Find Your Joy

A 6-week group journey to more ease, playfulness, energy, and creativity in your life and work through Instinctive Meditation™

Join the next Self-Care Circle

A 75-min Zoom session to reflect on the topic of the month and connect with other remote workers. To integrate we indulge in some easeful movement!

Investment: $22

Boundaries – the word is everywhere.

Apparently, we are supposed to have them. Be strict and firm and never budge in order to have a business that doesn’t burn us out. Yeah, right. As if that’s so easy. And what about recognizing when our boundaries don’t serve us anymore? Sometimes boundaries need to be readjusted and adapted.

In this session, we will have a look at your current relationship with boundaries. Do you have them? Do they feel good? Are you enforcing them? And if yes, how? What does that actually feel like in our body? I firmly believe that regular assessment and exploration of our own boundaries and what they feel like is essential. How it feels when boundaries are crossed can be hugely helpful in understanding how and why our boundaries exist, enabling us to enforce them with more grace and conviction.

So come and let’s dive in!

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Instinctive Meditation Coaching

Meditation is an ART – let’s discover your unique style together!

>> for more ease, playfulness, energy, and creativity in your life

✨ Embodied Instinctive Meditation™ Coaching

Meditate in a way that feels natural, effortless, and joyful to you!

Give yourself space to flow through your emotions, thoughts, and desires in your meditation, so you can be the business owner and leader you know you already are within.


Never heard of meditation coaching before?

Let me explain…


There are so many options available to learn how to meditate, the problem is that many of these are based on the “renunciate” techniques of meditation. People who choose the way of retreating from the world instead of engaging with it.

As a business owner and leader, you are FULLY engaged in the world. Let me help you find and keep a practice that is custom-tailored for your lifestyle, a practice that you LOVE!

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Free 5 Step Guide

5 Steps to Creating a Self-Guided Instinctive Meditation™ Practice You Love

This is for you if you have tried and tried to adopt a daily meditation practice that you enjoy, but somehow, it gets boring, you forget, you don’t enjoy it, you don’t feel safe in it, there seems to be so many rules, and you simply don’t feel refreshed after your practice and get frustrated. Or maybe life has simply gotten in the way of your meditation practice, and you want to get back to it! This is perfect if you want to move away from only guided audio meditations into a self-guided practice that fits you 100% 

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Amanda Sloan - Podcaster & Writer

I have had two group sessions with Kim and both have been incredible. Kim is a brilliant meditation and yoga teacher who guided me through one of the most relaxing hours of my life. I’ve been practicing yoga for at least 10 years, and honestly, a remote group class with Kim is one of the best classes I’ve ever had. Thanks, Kim! Highly recommend your workshops, classes, and guides to everyone!

Alicia R. Thomas - Freelance Artist

I took Kim’s remote meditation and yoga class, and it was amazing! I’m very much a beginner, but Kim is a great instructor for varying skill levels. You just don’t realize how much tension is in your body until you have that opportunity to release it. The session was so relaxing and meditative; I feel very refreshed and present. I’m very grateful!

Dorota Kom - Virtual Assistant

I had a chance to join an online self-care and yin yoga class with Kim. I have been doing yoga for many years and I must say she definitely knows what she’s doing. Kim easily creates an amazing space where one can relax and let go. Looking forward to do more of this beautiful practice. Thank you!



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