Heal & Re-Connect:
With Yourself & Your Loved Ones

Get back into your body through the powerful and meditative bodywork for two called Holistic Partner Pulsing!

Connect to yourself through Instinctive Movement & Meditation!

Let the journey begin…

Moving towards feeling connected to yourself, your body, and your loved ones is a journey.
Where you start that journey doesn’t matter!

Some people go first through love and connection. Maybe you are deeply committed to your family, your partner, your friends. Maybe you are fully giving yourselves to others through social work and causes that make your hearts rejoice.

You are starting from connection.

Maybe you start with yourself. You are on an inner journey of self-discovery. Of yoga, meditation and self-reflection. Maybe you are craving spirituality and the pure joy of feeling connected to all that is through your own body and mind.

It doesn’t matter from where you start.

Because in the end, we all end up in the same place.


So whether you are craving connection to another human being or to yourself – you are in the right place…

Let the journey begin!

Group Offers

Join the next Community Circle

A 75-min Zoom session to reflect on the topic of the month and connect with other amazing folks: 

​This community circle is for us to come together. We will ease in with an Instinctive Meditation practice, then take time to journal with prompts relating to the topic. There will be time to share (totally optional) and then we will integrate the practice with an easeful movement session.

Examples of past topics are: 

“Feeling Ready: A Self-Care Session on Imposter Syndrome”
“What if? A Self-Care Session on Exploring Possibilities”
“Boundaries: Set Them, Assess Them, Own Them”
“Know Yourself: Or How to Make Better Decisions”

And so much more…

Get yourself set up in a comfortable spot, grab a journal, and bring an open heart. 

Investment: $22

Sign Up:


Holistic Partner Pulsing



Help your loved ones activate their self-healing powers through Holistic Pulsing!

This course will teach you the principles of Holistic Partner Pulsing and practically guide you through sequences to gift your loved ones some of the most relaxing and healing moments of their lives.

Give the gift of healing touch and sign up now.

Investment: $99

Free Offers

Free 5 Step Guide

5 Steps to Creating a Self-Guided Instinctive Meditation™ Practice You Love

This is for you if you have tried and tried to adopt a daily meditation practice that you enjoy, but somehow, it gets boring, you forget, you don’t enjoy it, you don’t feel safe in it, there seems to be so many rules, and you simply don’t feel refreshed after your practice and get frustrated. Or maybe life has simply gotten in the way of your meditation practice, and you want to get back to it! This is perfect if you want to move away from only guided audio meditations into a self-guided practice that fits you 100% 

Start here…


Amanda Sloan - Podcaster & Writer

I have had two group sessions with Kim and both have been incredible. Kim is a brilliant meditation and yoga teacher who guided me through one of the most relaxing hours of my life. I’ve been practicing yoga for at least 10 years, and honestly, a remote group class with Kim is one of the best classes I’ve ever had. Thanks, Kim! Highly recommend your workshops, classes, and guides to everyone!

Alicia R. Thomas - Freelance Artist

I took Kim’s remote meditation and yoga class, and it was amazing! I’m very much a beginner, but Kim is a great instructor for varying skill levels. You just don’t realize how much tension is in your body until you have that opportunity to release it. The session was so relaxing and meditative; I feel very refreshed and present. I’m very grateful!

Dorota Kom - Virtual Assistant

I had a chance to join an online self-care and yin yoga class with Kim. I have been doing yoga for many years and I must say she definitely knows what she’s doing. Kim easily creates an amazing space where one can relax and let go. Looking forward to do more of this beautiful practice. Thank you!



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