Hi, I’m Kim.

I help remote workers make self-care a habit with remote self-care sessions, online courses, and private meditation coaching


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I am a self-care and meditation coach for remote workers and online entrepreneurs. I am professionally trained in Meditation, High Vibe Yoga, the bodywork practice of Holistic Pulsing, and I am of course, duh, also a remote worker. I help busy people integrate self-care into their workdays to improve their productivity and health in a sustainable way.

In addition to my work break YouTube channel, I have given live trainings at business and leisure retreats internationally. For two years I have been providing relaxing self-care sessions, yoga classes, and Holistic Pulsing services helping successful online entrepreneurs to let go and recharge.

I am passionate about helping the busy (re-)connect through a practice that prioritises kindness to oneself and can be woven into individual circumstances. The practices I teach foster productivity, reflection, relaxation, and increase well-being through long-term habit building. “Kim Gorchs: Make self-care a habit” represents my commitment to making regular self-care accessible to all, everywhere.

I am a life-long student of self-care, let me show you at a glance…

  • 100+ hours of guiding self-care sessions for remote workers, online entrepreneurs & remote teams
  • A certified Yoga Teacher, Holistic Pulsing Practitioner and student of Instinctive Meditation 

  • Resident self-care expert in online entrepreneur communities
  • Facilitated bespoke self-care experiences at corporate & business retreats globally
  • Ongoing scientific study on the impacts of self-care methodologies on remote workers

But mostly, I am also a remote worker who needed to find my way around work-life balance and how to take care of myself in this fast-paced world. So like any good business idea, my idea was born from a frustration and need in myself. Turns out I wasn’t alone. It’s now my honor to have served hundreds in my unique and simple, yet incredibly impactful combination of methodologies and accountability practices to make self-care habits STICK. 

Kim is our resident relaxation expert in my paid student community and does regular yoga, meditation and pulsing workshops for all to enjoy. She also facilitated her practices at my in-person retreat in Marrakech last year and everybody loved it! I personally get a lot of grounding and peace from the sessions and the feedback from my students echoes this. Kim knows her stuff and brings understanding, flexibility and a calm presence to any group or solo session. Thanks Kim!

Hannah Dixon

Online Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad Kit

Just finished an online self-care session of stretching and yin yoga with Kim. I feel calm, relaxed and rejuvenated! She did a wonderful job of guiding the group through the movement, the stillness and she gave us great prompts for our thoughts. I absolutely loved it!
UPDATE: Kim’s Work Breaks are terrific! I’ve been trying to do several each week. Love the topics, the 5-10 minute duration is perfect. Thanks, Kim!
Colleen Carvey Christensen

Virtual Assistant

I took part in a Holistic Partner Pulsing session with Kim and I have to say it was incredible. Kim calmly and reassuringly explains the entire process and every step of the way you feel support. Pulsing is something I’d never done before, but after this, I will be doing it again. Such a relaxing, therapeutic, and connecting experience. Thank you, Kim.
Thom Knight

Virtual Assistant, Podcaster & Streamer



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