Meditative Empowerment 

Flow work mastery

Flow Work Mastery is a 4-month membership for women and queers that will make your natural rhythms your power and bring you back to that body of yours that holds so many secrets of beauty, of strength, of softness, of variety, and of ecstasy. Flow Work Mastery is my take on Cycle Awareness.

Currently, not open for enrollment… Get signed up to the waitlist and make sure to access early bird enrollment 😎 

About me

As a queer woman growing up in a small town, I started exploring the world inside and outside from a young age. Through queer feminism, yoga and meditation, travel and exploration of my sexuality, I plunged myself into the world of self-exploration.

“Meditative Empowerment” is what developed out of a decade of living abroad around the world, several yoga and meditation teacher trainings, immersive silent meditation retreats, navigating ambitious career drive, freelancing and business ownership.

Flow Work Mastery is my take on Cycle Awareness. Beyond the physical. A deep dive into the feminism in knowing your body, energetic rhythms, and dousing shame in empathy!


“Hi Kim, soo looking forward to the session too, the meditations have been awesome 🥰🥰🥰 thank you!”


“That was ace. Totally floating from the session, really happy I came. Thanks Kim!”


“Thanks so much, Kim! I’m sorry I had to leave early, I was crying my eyes out the whole time and couldn’t stop before we jumped to the movement part of the session. But I really needed this, I had a terrible day yesterday and this session provided clarity and made me feel less alone in my journey to take care of myself. I’m so grateful for all the work you do.”