Find Your Joy:

Instinctive & Empowering Meditation

A 6-week group journey to more ease, playfulness, energy, and creativity in your life and work through Instinctive Meditation™

Meditation is an art – let’s discover your unique style together!

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Next Round: Start February 2024

4 x 90 min Live Coaching Calls

A topic to explore through live guided meditation experiences, teachings, and plenty of time to get all your questions answered

Lifetime Access to Content

Lifetime access to the call recordings and meditations via an Online Course platform

A pop-up WhatsApp Group for 6 weeks

A space to share your meditation experiences, connect with other participants and get support from me

1 Week

1 week of Pre-Program experiments and journal exercises

Post-Program Integration Workbook

A Post-Program integration workbook in which you can solidify your discoveries and move forward with keeping up a regular meditation practice you love 

Instinctive Meditation
Find Your Joy

Are you who you want to be?

Instinctive Meditation can help make your life fuller and more vibrant by giving you more awareness in day-to-day life
and connecting you to what you LOVE daily.

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control how we react.

Meditation gives you back the small moments of choice, so you can truly be who you want to be.

You know the saying “amazing things will find you when you’re ready”? This is how I feel about Kim’s “Find Your Joy” Meditation program. 

I have struggled with meditation before, counting 1-10, what is that? But as I set to change my life completely, I needed to clear my head and finally (at 45) start hearing & understanding myself better. Kim came along with arms wide open, and I am so so happy she did!

I joined her Intro call and felt right at home. To start, she got us to make a list of our favourite things to do and ensure we spend at least 20 min a day doing them. Doesn’t sound like 1-10, does it?

Before you know it, I was meditating and shocked at just how much “stuff” was in my head that I never paid attention to!

The results after 6 weeks are astonishing. I now notice thoughts that are not supportive, thank them & let them go. I am calmer & clearer about my future. Most days anyways 😃. And each day when I set 20 min, even if time only allows 10, I look forward to it. Meditation before seemed like a chore! During the program, I felt at ease and welcomed in the weekly meet-ups, it was like coming home. And Kim made sure everyone was heard, all questions answered. I would recommend “Find Your Joy” to anyone who has tried meditating and failed, anyone going through life changes or just looking to be happy – full of joy! Plus there’s like a lifetime supply of meditation techniques & recordings, which were my go-to in the beginning (ok still are now to begin my meditation 😃)…

Vivian At Lucern


A 6-week group program.

  • 6 weeks of membership in the pop-up WhatsApp Group.
  • 1-week pre-program experiments, journal exercises, and sharing.
  • 4 live 90 min Zoom group coaching calls incl. Q&A
    (recorded with lifetime access).
  • Post-Program Integration Workbook



The next round of Find Your Joy is starting in January 2024.

  • Pre-Program Week
  • Live Call 1
  • Live Call 2
  • Live Call 3
  • Live Call 4
  • Post-Program Integration Workbook


It’s meditation, but not like you’ve ever experienced!

Meditation that breaks ‘the rules’…


Or a payment plan of 2 monthly payments x $111

You deserve a life filled with joy and a regular meditation practice that you LOVE.
Let me guide you through the magical world of Instinctive Meditation and how you too can get to know yourself, your emotions, your instincts, thoughts, and dreams better through regular meditation!

Who is this for?


This is for you, if you have ever asked yourself any or all of the following questions:

​This is for you if you have tried and tried to adopt a daily meditation practice that you enjoy, but somehow it gets boring, you forget, you don’t enjoy it, there seem to be so many rules, and you don’t feel refreshed after your practice and get frustrated.
Or maybe life has simply gotten in the way of your meditation practice, and you want to get back to it!

This is your space…

I will guide you through different experiments and exercises to find a meditation practice that works for YOU!

I won’t give you a practice and say: “Here, this will work”.


Instead, I will offer many different doors into meditation,
and together with the group support you will find a practice that feels like PURE LUXURY.

A practice that feels like an INDULGENCE.

A practice that opens your heart and makes you want to cry from the JOY of it all.

A practice that can LAST A LIFETIME!

Come along and saddle up – you are in for a ride!


Alicia R. Thomas - Freelance Artist

I took Kim’s remote meditation & yoga class, and it was amazing! I’m very much a beginner, but Kim is a great instructor for varying skill levels. You just don’t realize how much tension is in your body until you have that opportunity to release it. The session was so relaxing and meditative. I feel very refreshed and present. I’m very grateful!

Amanda Sloan - Podcaster & Writer

I have had two group sessions with Kim and both have been incredible. Kim is a brilliant meditation & yoga teacher who guided me through one of the most relaxing hours of my life. I’ve been practicing for at least 10 years, and honestly, a remote group class with Kim is one of the best classes I’ve ever had. Thanks, Kim! Highly recommend your workshops, classes, and guides to everyone!

Dorota Kom - Virtual Assistant

I had a chance to join an online self-care and yin yoga class with Kim. I have been doing yoga for many years and I must say she definitely knows what she’s doing. Kim easily creates an amazing space where one can relax and let go. Looking forward to do more of this beautiful practice. Thank you!

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Or a payment plan of 2 monthly payments x $111

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Instinctive Meditation™ and “Find Your Joy”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join even if I have no previous meditation experience?

Yes, this journey is for everyone interested in developing a regular meditation practice! In fact, coming in with a beginners mind is encouraged.

Is this for me if I have already been meditating for years?

Yes, if you want to deepen your meditation experiences, stay healthy and connected within the practice, and enjoy a lifelong love affair with meditation then this is for you.

What happens if I missed a live coaching call I wanted to attend?

All live coaching calls are recorded and you will have lifetime access to the class through your Podia course.

What time are the coaching calls happening?

The time of the coaching calls is Saturday 12 pm Mexico City time.  You can always use or a similar tool for timezone clarifications.