4 Reasons Why Your Self-Care Habit Has Failed in the Past & How to Make It Stick in the Future

by | Aug 26, 2021

1.You overcomplicate

Make self-care easy. 

Don’t let it be this big thing that hovers over your head which everyone says you are supposed to do but don’t they know that you have sooo much to do. Your to-do list is exploding at the seams and everyone seems to want your attention ALL THE TIME. How are you supposed to integrate self-care into that? 

I hear you! I have been there and let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Self-care can be as simple as taking a deep breath in between tasks. Becoming aware of the transitions throughout your day and making use of these transitions. 

As remote workers, we have to sometimes create transitions in our days. From waking up to making coffee or tea, to having breakfast, to working, taking a break, maybe caring for the kids, or having lunch with your partner, or going out for a walk with a friend or travel mate, back to zoom calls and email correspondence.

Each day can look different so honing the skill of noticing transitions in our days and using them to take care of ourselves, our boundaries, and feeling into how we are doing will make ALL the difference. 

As an Instinctive Meditation teacher, I can guide you towards noticing these moments throughout your day and help you in making the most of the moments you do have to effortlessly integrate self-care into your (work) days.

2. You try to do it all yourself

I know, I know. It’s called SELF-care, BUT, and this is a big but, self-care is not only bubble baths, yoga, meditation and relaxation, it is also feeling connected having a community to relay and lean on, feeling supported and heard.

SO, don’t try to do it all yourself. 

Research has shown that an important aspect of habit building for many people is accountability, and a community of like-minded people who also see the value and importance of self-care and connection can make all the difference.

I have been the dedicated self-care expert in a community of over 500 remote workers and I have seen the direct effect and how people light up when sharing their struggles, wins, and thoughts in the monthly zoom self-care sessions and recognize that they are not alone.

3. You don’t tailor it to your day

As remote workers, our schedules can look different on a daily basis. Each day has its own flavour. If we now try to force the same activities on these different days, the habit begins to taste very bitter, very soon.

That is why it is so important to tailor your self-care to your days. 

Some days it might be a good long yoga session or your favourite workout and other days your self-care is simply having a nap or going for a short walk, or even only taking a minute or two before a call to savor the ebb and flow of the breath.

By noticing, practicing self-reflection, and planning the next day the evening before, you can adapt to what you need and what you can schedule self-care into your day without feeling guilty. Self-reflection is an essential part of my full self-care sessions and makes a huge difference in how we experience our daily self-care.

4. You don’t specify your why

Last but definitely not least, whenever we try to implement a habit or in fact integrate any change into our lives, we need to clarify WHY we want that specific thing. Knowing your why and reminding yourself of why self-care is an important part of your days is an integral part of building a healthy remote work self-care habit. 

When you start each day with the identity of, “I am a CARING person, towards myself and others” self-care becomes effortless.

In my approach to making self-care a habit for remote workers, we start with the WHY and move from there.


1. Keep it simple 

Notice the transitions throughout your day and use them for self-care. A deep breath can sometimes do wonders. 

2. Make use of the power of community

Share your struggles, wins, and thoughts in a safe space and stay connected.

3. Practice self-reflection

Make sure to tailor your self-care practices to your changing schedule and use self-reflection to find out what you need that day.

4. Know your WHY

Before starting, specify why you want to integrate self-care into your days. This will help you develop a healthy self-care habit that will stick around.

If you are struggling to make self-care a habit, I suggest making your mornings a priority. Taking 20 minutes each morning to do soft, enjoyable movement and stretching is the perfect way to set yourself up for success. But there is a problem, you don’t want to work too hard with actually making the decision to move. More often or not, you might choose to skip over this wonderful practice. That is why I created “RISE REMOTE – Morning Yoga for Remote Workers” course. 

This course is a 7-part series of gentle morning stretching and movement, one for each day. So each morning you can simply click on the respective day and get going. I will also share some amazing self-care and habit hacks to make sure to keep you on track. Join us today and start your remote work self-care journey with the first part of the remote workers self-care: MOVEMENT! 🙂