What Is Self-Care?

by | Sep 13, 2021

Planning your week, washing the dishes, and playing video games. 

Do you consider that self-care?

I asked my community “Self-Care for Remote Workers” what unconventional self-care practices they have and the above three were among the answers.

Some other practices they shared:

  • Nix shared that they clean their room every Sunday as a self-care practice
  • Erin said: “Giving myself some at-home spa service. Throw some candles on in the bathroom, rain white noise, lots of epsom salts and some essential oils, just a good sensory experience”
  • Hannah shared about playing fast-paced video games as self-care and there was a very cool discussion on how interesting it is that some practices help some, while they hurt others – a great reminder on how important it is to honor our individuality in self-care practices
  • Rebekah described that she loves to clean her house and do to-do lists as self-care (I personally can very much relate to that 🥳)
  • And Fernanda told us that she loves to play Virtual Reality Tetris as a self-care practices – soo awesome!

So now it’s your turn. After reading this, I invite you to ask yourself:

“What do I like to do as self-care that just works for me?”

 Self-care is such an individual endeavor that often we might find ourselves feeling a bit weird to enjoy whatever it is we enjoy. I am here to tell you that you are not weird. Your indulgences and practices are perfect as long as they work for YOU!

That is also why community can be so helpful. Because we start conversations and we realize that we fit right in. Not because we all love the same things, no. But because we are all so different and that diversity brings unity with it. It can bring a sense of security.

And while Yoga, Meditation, and Bodywork practices work like a charm for many people, they are simply not for everyone – and that’s okay.

Let’s embrace our individuality!

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